Affordable Web Design | Midlands

Affordable Web Design | Midlands

Affordable Web Design | Midlands

Welcome to our new website!

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First and foremost, thankyou!

What a tumultuous couple of years its been for everyone! Who would have ever expected what came crashing into all of our lives! As a business it was particularly a shock to the system, we found ourselves having to shift all of our processes overnight, where we once sat side by side in an office working away on delivering all the awesome web and graphic design projects we do, that suddenly came to a halt when we were all told we must work from home, that had its own challenges in itself, all this, whilst still trying to deliver on projects that were already underway. Luckily we have amazingly understanding clients who were pretty much in the same boat and slowly but surely we have managed to get our head above water. We have made some big positive changes here at Digital Design Online with even further changes coming. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients who continue to use our services through thick and thin, we are firm on our vision to provide affordable solutions to the businesses that need it the most.

Our new website & changes

So welcome to our new website. A fresh rebrand of our ever growing business, only this time we have leveled up! One thing the last couple of years taught us was that with our previous processes any disruption to our workflow caused a massive knock on effect and we simply knew we had to streamline and automate the things that took us away from focusing on project delivery. The main improvements/changes we’ve made are:

  • Our new website allows you to purchase your services directly from our website.
  • Once your project is fully boarded you can login to a client portal to see your project information and updates.
  • We have integrated a ticketing system for our care plan clients and the reviews stage of website development to leave task requests providing a dedicated space to keep tasks in order. No more missed emails!
  • Obviously a beautifully dashing new design.
  • Online chat, jump onto our online chat if you need to chat with us quickly within working hours.
  • Working hours. We now operate with a 4 day working week, Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm instead of Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm.
  • Our new pricing – We have revised our pricing and care plan structures to give you more.

Whats next?

Now that our new website is live, we are streamlining our internal processes so developer allocation and project management is done in the best way possible! We’re almost there with this, so will post an update on this when it’s all up and running. We will continue to deliver great projects to you and to the best of our ability.

Contact us today to get your project kick started hello@digitaldesignonline.co.uk

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