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Affordable Web Design | Midlands

Website Maintenance 
One time fixes or fully managed

We can fix, manage, add pages or content & provide website maintain for your WordPress website!

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Website Maintenance

The ultimate website maintenance support for your business

We can carry out individual WordPress website tasks, or even manage your whole WordPress website maintenance for a one off fee or at a low monthly cost. Let us take care of your WordPress website maintenance today, and relax knowing you’re in safe hands.

We can take care of your WordPress website maintenance so you don’t have to. Use us for a single task, or sign up for ongoing WordPress website maintenance and let us handle everything. Try us and find out why we’re trusted to manage websites for hundreds of businesses like yours. 

Expert assistance from our team of developers and support agents. Contact us via email today hello@digitaldesignonline.co.uk
We specialise in the jobs that design and development agencies think are too small or don’t have time for, and we do them quickly & efficiently, usually within a day or so.

We’ll keep on top of your WordPress updates so you don’t have to, and make sure they don’t break your website. Updates are done by our expert team – not by an automatic script.

We take full backups of your site and database monthly, and store them securely.
We monitor for vulnerabilities, both in the software and plugins you use, and in the changes made to your code. That means we can ensure your website is clean of malware, and stays that way.
We keep your WordPress updated to the latest version.
35/Per Task
Actioned within 2-3 days



– Actioned within 1-4 days
– No task rollover


– We will advise you how long tasks would take to action depending on the nature and number of the tasks.
– No task rollover


– We will advise you how long tasks would take to action depending on the nature and number of tasks.
– No task rollover
– No page rollover

Already on a website maintenance care plan?

If you’re already on a care plan with us, login here to view your account with us. From your dashboard you can submit ticket task requests for us to action on your website. If you’re not setup on a care plan yet then please contact us and we will get you set up with login details so you can start submitting task requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

View our most frequently asked questions about our care plans. 

A task or fix on your website can be anything from adding, deleting or editing content (images, text, videos, pdfs etc) on your site, adding images, aligning elements, installing plugins, removing pages, updating products, prices and descriptions, updating social media handles, bug fixes, removing malware, and much more. For more complex work such as adding pages with new content or integrating complex functions, we can give you a quote based on the work. We pride ourselves on being affordable so shoot us a message at hello@digitaldesignonline.co.uk if you need more than just a fix.

A task does not include building new pages, implementing apis and adding advanced functions such as booking systems or ecommerce. We will  always let you know if a task requested is in scope or not. If you still want us to implement a task out of scope then we will give you a price for the specific work.

We take care of your issues pretty much straight away. Most issues are resolved within 1-4 day depending on the nature and number of tasks requested.

If we haven’t already got your login details, then usually we just need your login details to WordPress and sometimes your hosting provider. Don’t worry if you are unsure, we can guide you.

Lots of our customers come to us in difficult situations, when they might be out of depth. We can help navigate tricky situations and describe what’s needed and what we need to do.

Yes, apart from the pay as you go plan which is just for the term of the tasks, all of our packages are for a minimum of 3 months.

Yes, please contact us for a quote on what you need at hello@digitaldesignonline.co.uk

If you sign up for a one-time pay as you go task, there is no ongoing fee. We offer subscriptions plans as per above also, but the pricing is up-front and any contract you subscribe to can be cancelled any time after 3 months.

Simply scroll above to choose your package and click sign up, or email us at hello@digitaldesignonline.co.uk to get started. Please enter your task details, once you have submitted your request we will get back to you to request any further information if required and advise how long the task/s will take along with a payment or subscription link depending on what plan you chose. Tasks are usually actioned within 1-4 days but more complex tasks can take longer, either way we can help you fix your issue or change.

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